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We are the expert organisation for your print production. Set up as a competence centre, we work for both direct customers and agencies. Our operating model guarantees efficient processes, high-quality execution and optimum value for money.

Independent centre of competence

We actively advise you on all matters related to printing processes and print products. In our capacity as an expert organisation we commission select printing partners and specialist operators. If required we can arrange 24/7 production and oversight. Everything is organised, coordinated and overseen from our headquarters in Zurich by highly qualified project managers. Our services have been used and trusted by many well-known domestic and international organisations for years.

Expertise and strategic operating model

Digital printing is done at our Zurich facility. More than 30 printing units at other locations in Switzerland take care of sheet-fed offset printing work. For rotary offset work and special printing processes we collaborate with selected specialists. Depending on the job and your wishes, we can also work with companies abroad. Our strategic operating model allows us to harness the most advantageous means of production for jobs ranging from A3 to large format. All our producers have equivalent certification.

Good to know

ISO norm 12647-2: meaningful standards

Print data are rarely created and printed at the same place. This means it’s particularly important for the colour quality of interim and final output to be predictable. ProcessStandard Offset and ISO norm 12647-2 create the basis for assuring this.

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Digital and offset printing: a powerful combination

Digital printing has been popular for quite some time, and offers many benefits. Even so, offset is still used most commonly for print products. We explain the pros and cons of the two printing processes.

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